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Hangzhou Gena Electronics Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the development, manufacturing and sales of liquid crystal displays (LCD) and supporting modules (LCM) backlights (LED). Product types include: TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, black mode LCD. The company has a complete set of advanced automatic production lines and high-precision production equipment, and has concentrated a group of high-tech and high-quality talents, with strong R&D and production capabilities...



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Seven ways to use it to easily solve LCD maintenance problems
I believe that most families now use large-screen, high-definition, 4K ultra-high-definition LCD TVs. The visual enjoyment these TVs bring us is unmatched by other TVs. However, these TVs generally have one characteristic, that is, the price is high. Let
Which is better, IPS screen or TFT screen? why? What is the difference between them?
The first thing to say is that IPS is not a screen material, but the name of a technology. Its essence is actually super TFT, which means that IPS screen is also a kind of TFT screen!To say which is better, of course, the IPS technology screen is better.
Analysis of the principle of led backlight structure
LED backlight structure As can be seen from the above figure, the manufacture of LED backlights starts with making a light guide plate from acrylic resin, then making a white dot pattern that scatters the light on the light guide plate, and then attachin
Introduction of LCD module driving principle, detailed explanation of LCD LCD screen driving method
一、Driving principle of Lcm displayFrom the article "What is a liquid crystal module and what is LCM?" In the "Introduction to LCM Module Structure by Liquid Crystal Display Module Manufacturers", it is introduced that liquid crystal …
Principle analysis of LED backlight technology
Because yellow light stimulates the red and green light receptors in the naked eye, it is mixed with the blue light of the LED itself to make it look like white light, and its color is often called "white of moonlight." As the backlight source o
Fierce market competition for LED backlights
The discussion on the prospect of LED backlights is a clich. Due to the outstanding advantages of long life, low energy consumption, small size, fast response, earthquake resistance, low temperature, and low pollution, its application fields are extremely
Research on the direction of LED backlight manufacturers
Edge-lit backlight development With the continuous development of technology, the side-side LED backlight will develop from a single LED at the top and bottom to a single LED at the end. The 32" two-end single LED backlight TVs that are usually seen
What are the light sources of LED backlight
What are the light sources of the LED backlight? In the planning of the backlight, the selection of the light source used is very important. The light source used determines the power consumption, brightness, color and other photoelectric parameters of th